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Computer Vision

Bringing human intelligence to analyze videos and images.
Image Classification, Object Recognition, Image Segmentation, Object Tracking, Document Analysis with Keyword/Table Extraction .


Understanding text and speech at scale, more efficiently than humans.
Text Analysis, Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Speech-to-Text

Industry 4.0

Embrace the new age of manufacturing with a data-centric focus on production, quality and efficiency.
Asset Monitoring, Machine-to-Machine Connectivity, Industrial IoT, PLC integration, Energy Optimization, Employee Attendance and Movement Tracking, Safety and Hygiene Detection, Visual QA Automation

Machine Learning

Unleash the potential of your business data to drive key decisions.
Predictive Modeling, Data Classification, Fleet, Supply Chain Analytics, Forecasting, Data Segmentation, Root Cause Analysis

How we do it

See how we do it

Understanding your business problem and collecting data

We help you translate your business problem to a machine learning problem, source the relevant data and build an AI strategy.

Customized model development

We process and analyse your data to generate insights and build adaptive machine learning models that transform your business.

Model deployment and monitoring

We deploy the models as APIs and ML pipeline on cloud, or on-premise server/edge devices. Post-deployment, we continue to monitor model performance in production, and help you in upgrading these models.

About Us

iPing Data Labs was founded in 2018 with the vision to empower SMEs with digital transformation. Our team developed full-stack software solutions for the Mahindra Group, Precision Camshafts and others. However, we made the conscious decision to focus on artificial intelligence due to the rapidly growing developments in this upcoming technology.
iDL has built its domain expertise in the field of computer vision, solving challenging industrial problems with robust vision models. But beyond our solutions, we hope to partner with each of our clients and collaborate on holistic, data-driven business practices which will make the business future-proof. We offer customized AI/ML solutions that will not only solve your immediate concerns but also plan a long-term, scalable, data-first approach to your business itself.

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AIris Dashboard

AIris: Invoice Workflow Automation

Small and Medium Businesses process up to hundreds of invoices on a daily basis. Invoice Processing requires hours of tedious, manual data entry work. Manual processing is time-consuming, leads to higher costs, and leaves a larger carbon footprint.
Computer vision plays a key role in streamlining the tedious invoice processing workflow. With our solution AIris, we will automate the entire invoicing pipeline. Our vision algorithm will extract all relevant details and even tables, storing them on a spreadsheet instantly. This can significantly reduce the time taken to process bills, as well as human errors that may arise from a manual process.

AIris Dashboard

Case Studies

Invoice Automation - Threadlet Energy

How we simplified the tedious invoice processing workflow for an Australian Energy Startup.

Visual QA Automation

Industrial Defect Detection for an American Li-ion battery manufacturer

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis for an Aluminium Sheet manufacturer

Employee Safety and Hygiene

Face Mask, Social Distancing Detector with Person Tracking

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